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Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween can be a fantastically fun and spooky time of year, but not always for our pets. Your pet clinic in Lincoln would like to share some safety tips when it comes to trick-or-treaters and your pets!

With Halloween there comes candy, and plenty of it. Keep in mind these treats are just for the kids and not for your furry friends! Many of these are toxic to dogs and cats. Any chocolate (particularly dark or baking chocolate) is toxic. Any candies sweetened with the artificial sweetener xylitol are also very toxic. If your pets are feeling left out of all the treat fun, get them some safe treats made just for them!

Keep an eye on any edible decorations you have around the house too. These decorative pumpkins and corn are not considered toxic, but they can cause some stomach upset. Protecting your pets from these will keep you from cleaning up some unpleasant messes. Carved pumpkins with candles can also be dangerous around your pets as they could get knocked over and start a fire. Keeping these outdoors and away from your animals can keep you and your family safe!

Another major stressor can be the flood of loud, oddly dressed strangers constantly coming to your door. Many pets find this distressing or annoying, especially dogs who can become territorial. To keep them calm, your pet clinic in Lincoln recommends keeping them safe in a kennel or closed room they are comfortable in. This also keeps them away from the door where they might dart out unexpectedly. In case of that unfortunate scenario, please make sure all your pets have proper identification on them in the form of tags as well as a microchip.

Having your pets stay in the back yard may seem like a good idea during all the crazy fun of the night, but it may not be the best for them. Your pet clinic in Lincoln wants to remind you that there are still some devious pranksters that run around on Halloween and the nights before and after. Keeping them safe indoors can save you a lot of heartache and grief. Hopefully these tips will allow you and your fuzzy ones to have a safe, low stress holiday!


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