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Tips to Kitten and Puppy Proof Your Home

Getting a new kitten or puppy does require some preparation. Beyond making sure you have food, water, bowls, a litter box for a kitty, and other essentials, you need to be sure your home is a safe environment for them to grow, learn, and explore in. It can only take seconds for a life altering, or ending, event to occur. If you’ve had a baby, this is likely old-hat to you, if not, the process is very similar. Read on for some great tips from your Lincoln, NE veterinarian.

Get down on the ground. See the world from their point of view. You may not have noticed how your dresser is open on the bottom so your kitten could climb up into a drawer and get stuck. Maybe you have a fold-out couch with exposed mechanisms a kitty could want to explore. Furniture such as this should have sheets or towels stuffed around them to block access.

Puppies like to try just about everything with their mouths, much like infants do. Make sure things are cleaned up off the floor that your puppy could swallow, or that you don’t want them to chew on. Have plenty of appropriate toys available for them to play with. Be sure your trash cans are hidden away or have lids that lock to keep nosy noses out! If they do get into the trash, you may want to call your Lincoln, NE veterinarian right away.

Cords are a big problem for both puppies and kittens. Cords from blinds or drapes can get tangled around them. Electrical cords are also a tangle hazard, but their larger danger is if they are chewed on. Keep all cords pulled up or tucked away so they are inaccessible to your pet.

All cleaning supplies and dangerous materials (think insecticides, meds, other poisonous things/plants) should be kept out of reach. Lock them in a cabinet, or keep them up high, or in a garage where your pets can’t get to them. Research if the plants in your house are pet-safe or not. Make sure all your windows have screens that fit well and are undamaged. Pets can escape or fall from these windows, which is especially hazardous if they are up high.

Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed and having appropriate places and toys for them to play are great ways to keep both you and your pet happy! Following these tips can make for a great start to your relationship. Contact your Lincoln, NE veterinarian today if you have any questions about adding a new, or first, pet!


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