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10 Tips for Boarding Your Pets

There are many up-sides to owning a pet: the unconditional love, the snuggles, better personal health, and so on.  However, one of the few down-sides is that at some point, you will likely have to leave them behind, so you can travel.  Boarding then is your best option.  Here, a vet in Lincoln, NE will share 10 tips be sure your pet has the best boarding experience possible.

  • Contact the boarding facility and see what their services and fees include.  Is there a different rate for the holidays? Are their features or services you can pay extra for (treats, attention/training, larger kennel, etc.)?
  • Know if the facility has specific times for drop off or pick up.  Not knowing when you need to be there can make you lose your reservation, or cost you extra!
  • Always call to reserve your pet’s spot in advance!  Especially for the holidays, these places can book up quickly!
  • Be sure your pet’s vaccinations are current.  Check with the facility to know which ones they require.  Even if they don’t require a bordatella vaccination (kennel cough), your vet in Lincoln, NE recommends it to protect your dog.  Bring a copy of your pet’s vaccination records with you to check in!
  • To ensure a comfortable stay for your pet, it is nice to bring their own food and maybe a bed or blanket that smells like home.  This can help reduce stress and the potential for any GI upset (vomiting/diarrhea).
  • Label all your pet’s belongings the best you can to reduce the chance of them being lost.
  • Bring any necessary medications for your pet along with detailed instructions on when and how to give it.
  • If your pet tends to be stressed easily, your vet in Lincoln, NE recommends considering a supplement or temporary medication to lower their stress level while they are boarding so they have a more comfortable stay.
  • Most boarding facilities have some grooming available.  Ask that your pet get a bath before coming home if you want to ensure they don’t bring back any odd odors with them.  Alternatively, be prepared to give your dog a bath when they get home!
  • If you are boarding a cat, ask what the facilities for the cats are like and if they are or can be separated from the dog area so they have a more peaceful stay.

Following these tips can help you and your pet have a stress-free stay and vacation!  If you have any questions or need recommendations for boarding, contact your vet in Lincoln, NE today!


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