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  • Dog Toys
    If you’ve been to the pet store lately, you know the myriad of choices that exist for your dog to play with. It can be a little overwhelming sometimes! Not Read more
  • Cat Toys
    In the last few years, the market for cat toys has exploded. Now there are more options than ever to fit every cat’s needs. Not every cat will love every toy Read more
  • Panleukopenia (Feline Distemper)
    You may have seen your cat receive a feline distemper vaccination. This virus is more correctly referred to as panleukopenia. It is a highly contagious, rapidly progressive virus that is Read more
  • Canine Parvovirus
    Most pet owners are aware of the dreaded parvovirus, or “parvo”. This disease is related to panleukopenia (or feline distemper). Puppies are the most at risk from this highly Read more
  • Behavior Basics: Leash Walking
    Everyone dreams of their dog being able to comfortably walk next to them on a loose leash. However, walks tend to be more of a struggle between owner and dog. Read more
  • What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?
    All this talk about dental health this month probably has a lot of you wondering just what goes on during these cleanings? Cleanings are recommended annually for most pets. If Read more
  • Caring for Your Guinea Pig
    Guinea Pigs can make wonderful pets! They originated in South America, where wild ones still roam today. They are non-aggressive, curious, and quite vocal. Most guinea pigs will live an Read more
  • What to do If Your Pet Eats a Toxin
    Oh no! Fluffy just at the whole batch of brownies! Or Spike just snarffed up the whole bottle of pills! While these are not every day occurrences, it’s likely you Read more
  • Lyme Disease
    Lyme disease is a bacterium transmitted by ticks. This is the same Lyme disease found in humans. While Lyme disease is more common in dogs, it can also occur in cats. Read more
  • Disaster Preparedness for your Pets
    Every one of us has participated in some form of disaster drill. A few of us may have some kind of disaster-ready kit in our homes or cars in case the Read more
  • Arthritis in Pets
    Arthritis is an issue that affects most living creatures as they age. It is the same condition in all animals: the cartilage in our joints breaks down and the Read more
  • Tips to Keep your Dog from Digging
    Does your dog leave random holes all over the yard? Do they disrupt your perfect flower beds or gardens? There is help for you! This annoying problem is Read more
  • Bathing Your Dog
    Part of having a pet is grooming and there is a lot you can do at home! Bathing is a regular thing that is recommended for dogs at least every three Read more
  • Fourth of July Safety
    The 4th of July is a great summer holiday that many Americans enjoy with grilling, festivities, and fireworks. Most pets, however, do not find this to be such an amusing holiday. Read more


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    Kristine O
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