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Veterinary Resources


Have a look at the useful information provided by the veterinarians and staff at Capitol Animal Clinic of Lincoln, NE. Check out the links below.

pic_001.jpgThis is an excellent source for all your pet's health concerns. It's where vets go for informative, educational handouts and articles written by veterinarians. This is the world's largest online veterinary database!
pic_002.jpgThis is an excellent source for all your pet's health concerns. It's where vets go for informative, educational handouts and articles written by veterinarians. This is the world's largest online veterinary database!
pic_003.jpgThis website will help you understand why it is important that your pet receives an annual checkup. It goes over what veterinarians look for and what you can do to make the most out of your pet's annual exam!
frontlinegold picFrontline is our best option for flea and tick prevention! Check out their site for more information on how this wonderful product works as well as information on flea and tick life cycles!
pic_005.pngTrupanion is the pet insurance company we recommend the most. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions about pet insurance, or you are welcome to contact trupanion and see how simple and affordable these products are. Your pet is eligible for a free 30-day trial with Trupanion after any exam!
pic_006.pngLincoln Animal Control is a division of the health department and is in charge of enforcing licensing and other animal laws and ordinances. They are also a great source of other local pet information.
pic_007.pngCare Credit is a service we accept here to help clients out with unexpected, large bills. The Care Credit option allows you interest-free payments on some charges! The application is free and takes only minutes to complete!
pic_008.pngThe Capitol Humane Society is the place to go when looking for a new furry friend in Lincoln! They are also available to assist with questions and offer training classes!
pic_009.pngThe Greater Lincoln Obedience Club has been helping Lincoln dog owners with training since 1963. They offer regular classes on obedience as well as agility and other specialty courses! If you are in need of good training instruction or advice, please check out this organization!
pic_010.jpgGolden Retriever Rescue in Nebraska is a great network of local people working to find homes for golden retrievers in Nebraska. Capitol Animal Clinic has supported this group for years (Dr. Welty even adopted one!). If you are looking for a new furry companion, consider these friendly dogs!

Heartgard is our top product for heart worm prevention! This fabulous, tasty chewable will protect your dog against heart worm infections as well as hook and round worms! Their site is full of information on these parasites and the risks they pose to your dog's and family's health.

pic_012.pngThe Wildlife Rescue Team is who to call when you find injured or orphaned wildlife. Since 1979, they have been rehabilitating and releasing their wild charges in Nebraska with great success. Any questions about what to do when finding injured wildlife can be answered at their website!

pic_014.jpgDo you have questions about animal supplements? The National Animal Supplement Council is keeping an eye on this booming industry and can help you sort out which supplements are worth your money.

pic_015.pngAre Dachshunds your favorite? Consider adopting one from Husker's Hope Dachshund Rescue. They are locally run, but work nationwide to save dachshunds and find them new, loving homes. We have helped get many of these dogs back on their feet and in new homes! Their website also has great information for owners who are battling Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) in their dogs.
pic_016.pngHill's offers an excellent variety of top-tier pet foods for your dog or cat. From their Science Diet line and Ideal Balance line for healthy animals to their Prescription Diet line for pets in need, they have you covered! Capitol Animal Clinic carries Prescription Diet line only, but will be happy to make nutritional recommendations for any pet!

pic_017.pngLincoln Animal Ambassadors is a local volunteer group working on public education regarding pet issues. They run a low cost spay and neuter program as well as a local pet food bank. A wonderful resource for our furry friends in need!
pic_019.pngThe Sadie Dog Fund has been helping out Lincoln residents with unexpected treatment costs since 2007. This volunteer run organization can be a life saver (literally!) when you don't know where to turn to.



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