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This is my baby girl Harley Loo. She was only 8 months old when we had to make the hard decision to put her down. After spending every day at the vet’s office for 2 months straight we finally got the answers that we needed. She had Lupus. It was really really hard for me, she was my baby, I’ve never had to put an animal down before her.

Almost forgot about my Bella Bear. I don’t know where to start, I’ve been with you ever since we brought you home as a baby. Your paws were bigger than you, hahaha. You brought joy to my heart everyday. I miss our walks and you jumping in water like you’re a fish. I was so happy to see you coming outside to feed the chickens or just to come outside or drive in the driveway. You always greeted me at any point of the day. I dont miss your tale whacking, felt like a whip. But i do miss playing ball with you and teasing you like I’ve thrown it. It makes me so freakin mad that I had to hear the news that you died, that someone killed you. I do miss you and my heart hurts everytime. Wish i could Have said goodbye. I love you my Bella bear! Hope you’re having fun up in heaven with all the balls and pool to jump in.

Maggie~ I know you’ve been gone a while but not a day goes by that i think about you. I knew you were going to be been my best friend since you were brought to us by Uncle Tim and Aunt Evelyn. 22 years you were strong, you’ve grown with me and gave the best snuggles and love a girl could ask for. I love you and miss you from the bottom of my heart. You still hold a special place in my heart. You tolerated me being a butthead to you by pulling your tail and such. Hopefully you’re playing with all your toys and cat nip up there in heaven. ❤️
Teddy~ I’m going cry when i type this. When I first met you is when grandma brought you home and we were spending the night because mom had to work. I knew we were best friends, yes you made me mad but couldn’t love you any less. You listened to me talk when i needed ears, sat right next to me while i cried, you were the first one to greet me when i got home. When grandma died broke my heart and wondered who was going to take care of you. But we did i was so happy! I miss when we played outside or inside and especially when you spoke for your treat. You are still apart of my heart, i think about you not even a dull moment i dont ever. You tolerate I or mom when we put boots or clothes on you and walk around silly. Love you so much my teddy weddy bear!
Phoebe became a precious member of my family on May 24, 1998 and remained my best friend until June 21, 2012 when she went to sleep after bravely fighting her illness. Phoebe’s is a true legacy of love and she’ll always be remembered as a source of pure joy. I love and miss you so much my sweet baby girl. I know one day we’ll be reunited at Rainbow Bridge and I’ll get tons of Phoebe kisses!
My princess Cinder Rose~ my heart still breaks when we had to put you down Monday on the week of Valentine’s day. You came into my life for 2 years and you’re gone too soon…. my heart is shattered and can’t pick up the pieces. You always brought a smile to me when you did your own thing as “Cinder Binner” and you lived up to your nickname till FeLV hit. We didn’t know it till the doctor told us and did more research. I wish I was In your place and want to hold your hand and kiss you goodbye one last time… I love you my baby girl! Have fun in heaven with grandma Maggie moe (cat) she’s a hoot! And have fun with Bella and Grandma Akers! You’re in a better place and not hurting! You can climb all over grandma.

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