Dental Services

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs show symptoms of oral disease.

Here at Capitol Animal Clinic, we all know that taking care of our teeth is important, but many people don’t realize that our pets need dental care too! If left alone, your pet’s teeth can harbor harmful bacteria that can cause bad breath, dental disease, and even lead to problems with other major organs down the road. Routine dental cleaning can help stop the progression of dental disease and get your pet back on track to a healthy mouth.

Dental cleanings are done under anesthetic to ensure the pet’s comfort and to ensure a thorough cleaning. During a cleaning, any necessary extractions will be performed alongside the scaling and polishing they need. With proper, regular home care, these cleanings should only need to be done every 2-3 years.

Our staff is trained to help you out with tips, recommendations, and demonstrations for various home care products. Brushing their teeth at home is the best method, but we realize this may not be the best solution for every pet.

That is why we have a wide range of other dental care products that can be fun and easy to use for you and your pet! Call (402) 464-1382 or stop by today so we can find the best fit for you!